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"Om" Chant Orgonite Chakra Alignment Necklace

"Om" Chant Orgonite Chakra Alignment Necklace

"Om" Chant Orgonite Chakra Alignment Necklace

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Align your chakras and surround yourself with positive energies!

Infused with 7 natural gems known to help channel energy through each of the Seven Chakra points individually, helping you achieve full enlightenment, self-awareness, and relaxation. Perfect for meditating, yoga, and daily life wear!

Curious about trying this yourself? This practice has been around for thousands of years and it's believed by millions of people around the world! Each Chakra point represents and influences different aspects of our being so by targetting each one we can achieve a complete body, mind, and soul alignment.

Our Orgonite Chakra Alignment Necklace is exactly what you need if you're struggling with stress, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and surrounded by negative vibes constantly.

100% Handmade and comes with a gift-ready bag in case you're going to gift one to a friend! (If you add x2 to your Cart you get the second piece at Half Price!)
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Chain Type: High-Quality Rope
Pendant Size: 36*11
Interior Material: Red Jasper+amethyst+lapis lazuli+turquoise+green aventurine+citrine
Exterior Material: Southern red agate+white crystal+resin